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Just when you know life is just too short for you to be worried over trivia issues, how suck your life is, how regretful and remorseful of what you've done, you just can't find the time to do all the things that you wanted to do all these while.

I want to go out and get involved with the societies, join some church groups activities, get involved in more voluntary work, approach and deal with everyday-pressurizing matter, deal with the challenges, it maybe hard and frustrating sometimes, though, the outcome and the experience are extremely rewarding. C'mon, where the hell can you earn these shits by studying every single day??? And yes, University is a massive hindrance for me to do all these things. I really want to defer my course and do all the things that I've mentioned, but life doesn't goes the way you want. You've got to consider this and that, you've gotta get permission from parents, you've to hear grandma stories - Don't waste your time doing all these, you can do it while you're studying along the way. Yeah right, how true is that. That can be true if getting a Pass for all of my subject is fine for both parties, and can still at least get a decent job after i graduate.

Gah, I've got to even study on the coming mid semester break because of those stupid mid semester tests being held after the break. This is ludicrous!

I should be studying for Biochemistry mid semester test on tmr, but nah, just wanna rant a little bit to express my heart-felt-frustration.


p/s: I havent been blogging much, do i ?

Beginning of Semester 2, 2011


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1. Alright, so I spent almost 5 hours on the internet searching for non-profit-volunteering organizations because I want to make some changes to my life, but also to others' life. After hours of research and deep consideration, i've signed up myself as a volunteer to a organization called Make-A-Wish. I think this Org is kinda cool and amazingly inspiring. Only kids between age of 3 to 18 with life threatening medical condition are eligible to ''apply a wish''. They will do their utmost to make their wish happen. Don't you think this is cool? Granting their desire and make their wish comes true, make a smile on their face and make them happy.

2. I Made an appointment with Australian Red Cross on 18th of october for blood donation. Contributing some of my blood and hopefully it could save some who are in dire need of it.

3. Filled my free time with heaps of seminar and workshop to gain some knowledge on how to write a brilliant resume and cover letter, how to respond and react in interviews, what are they looking for at each candidates and etc.

4. Trying to schedule myself for First Aid Course as it is an essential need to get into Medicine. Most probably will get this course done during semester break or at this year end.

5. Other than that, I gotta start reading and improve my english proficiency so that i can achieve good grades for IELTS, and again, it's essential to get into Medicine and also for applying PR. If i'm going to take IELTS at Australia, it's going to cost me AUD 350 ~ RM 1050 (rough conversion); whilst it's going to cost me RM550 if im taking it back at Msia.

6. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot, I need to pay AUD 374 for GAMSAT. A doctor admission test, and not everyone, well, almost 75% of the candidates who took the test didnt get a GOOD RANK. And I'm only saying GOOD, not excellent. You gotta vomit out another AUD 374 to take the test if your rank is unpleasant and insufficient to get you into Medicine.

Well, that's all for today. Heading off to bed soon and I will keep you guys updated.

P/s: Will be updating my blog more regularly.

Movies Arriving the "Scene"-ima


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1. Pirates of The Carribean, On Strangers Tide : 19th May 2011

2. X Men : First Class : 2nd June 2011

3. Green Lantern : 16th June 2011

4. The Cars 2: 23rd June 2011

5. KungFu Panda 2 : 23rd June 2011

6. Transformer 3 : 30th June 2011

7. Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 2 : 13th July 2011

8. Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 : 17th November 2011

9. Apollo 18 : 12th January 2012



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People deems my tolerance is too nice

Maybe I am

Should I make it to I WAS?

Maybe I should

Why should I care how others would look at me


This time, you're "dead" for sure